Nature Beauty

Nature and its Beauty

The scenic beauty of "Paapikondalu" and "Perantalapalli" a village in the vicinity of "Paapikondalu" cannot be explained by mere words and better be visited. The mighty river Godavari narrows down and passes through a stretch of hills (Paapikondalu) and the resultant picturesque is a visitor's delight.

Location and Route

This hill place is located on Bhadrachalam-Rajahamandry waterway at a stretch of nearly 3 Kilometers all along the pleasure trip on either side of the holy river Godavari. One needs to reach Kunavaram(the location where river Sabari merges into Godavari) by road from Bhadrachalam town which is about 50 KMs and then take a Motor Launch to Rajahmandry on the river Godavari. The traveling distance by motor launch from Kunavaram is about 4 and half hours.

Visiting Places

Sri Rama Giri in VR Puram mandal is situated on the bank in the down stream of the river Godavari (about 55 Kms from Bhadrachalam). The deity Yogarama temple is on a hill place and the place is named after Sri Rama Giri.

Brief History: According to mythological story, an ardant devotee, Sabari, gave shelter to Sri Sita Rama Laxmanulu while they were on the way in Dhandakaranya during Vanavaasa period and offered fruits to Rama after tasting them out of affection towards Rama. Bhakta Sabari who had spent her old age by chanting Rama nama in Dhandakaranya attained salvation after having Darshan of Rama whom she loved fervently and later dissolved as a rivulet which merged into the holy river Godavari near Kunavaram.


(A Tourism Spot) is a remote tribal village in Velerupadu mandal of Khammam District. This village is located on Kunavaram-Rajahmundry water way. A "Sri Krishna Munivaatam" was constructed at this village by Balananda Swamiji in the year 1927.Now this Munivatam is being maintained by a tribal sect Konda Reddys and daily pooja are being performed by them. Beautiful sceneries of Papi Hills and waterfalls at Munivaatam and the peaceful atmosphere at this tribal village will definitely give pleasant look and peace to the visitors. The idol of Shiva under serpent shade was installed in Munivaatam.

Brief History

The history depicts that on one day Balananda Swamy (during 1926) had reached Perantalapalli village while traveling from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam on river Godavari in a motor launch and stayed that night .He was enraptured with the pleasant atmosphere and the sceneries at and around the place where he stayed on moon lit night and he came out of the launch to the sand bed on the bank. Then a lady appeared to him and asked him to follow her and disappeared after reaching a place on the river bank covered with shrubs and stream flows. He spent that night there and astonished after seeing Shiva idol under serpent shade in the early morning and decided to construct a mantapam there. That mantapam is named as Sri Krishna Munivaatam. No priests would perform pooja there. The devotees themselves pray the God and perform pooja after having holy dip in river Godavari. Using of non-vegetarian and hunting of animals are strictly prohibited there. All the devotees must maintain silence while spending time there and also performing pooja in this munivaatam. Balananda Swamy after seeing the backwardness of the tribal sect Konda Koyas (Hill Reddys) decided to reform them and took up a project in the line by bringing them to cultured society. Later in 1969, one David Adam, a youngster and a resident of England became a disciple of swamiji and spent in this munivaatam till recently. Now this munivatam is being maintained by the tribals themselves.